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CIEL inc. provides the best shuttle service based on in-depth IoT solutions and integrated management system. HelloBUS has been developing the solution for shuttle bus operations. SHUTTLECOK offers a safer and more convenient shuttle service by utilizing this solution. In addition, BUSTAR allows you to rent a chartered bus at a reasonable price.

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1. IoT-based Solutions for Integrated Management for Shuttle Bus

Airport shuttle

Shopper shuttle

Commuter shuttle

School bus

Hospital shuttle


Passengers Management

Operations Management

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Shopper shuttle

Airport shuttle

Commuter buses

School buses

Hospital shuttle


IoT-based solutions for integrated management for shuttle bus is a specialized technology based on wireless communication technology that helps passengers and administrators of shuttle buses, such as school buses, commuter buses, and airport shuttle buses, use the bus safely and conveniently.

• Track buses in real-time

• Notify bus arrival times

• Check and select a route  

• Receive real-time information on route progress 

• Check traffic conditions while       driving  

• Notify whether or not all   passengers are on board

•  Real-time location control • Seamless bus dispatch and   reservation

• Integrated management of   routes and bus operations

• Bus operations history   management

• Current operations status check

•  Fare evasion management /

• Management of boarding status of   users

 The shuttle bus sharing platform will provide more convenient services for many users. 

Shuttle Bus Sharing Platform


 Find your route 

• Receive bus operations schedule prior to arrival  

• Get on the bus on time  

• Track your bus in real-time

• Pay the shuttle bus fare  

• Get the boarding pass


• Check buses on the route

• Passengers management

• Double-check the boarding pass •  Provide information to passengers

•  Manage routes flexibly  

•  Automatic payment system


• Real-time bus monitoring

• Real-time customer service  

• Seamless bus dispatch &   operations

• Up-to-the-minute road

  conditions notification 

•  Voice of the Customer (VOC)       management

•  Real-time status notification

CIEL inc. has developed and operates HelloDELI, which allows customers to check the storage temperature and location of the food delivery vehicle. Thank to this solution, food ingredients can be delivered fresh to the customers.

Other Applied Cases Using IoT Solutions

Superintendents, who stay away from the construction site, can check whether heavy equipment such as a crane or forklift is working.

Ciel’s solutions are not only used for location control, but also can be applied for a wide variety of fields

When emergencies occur to an elderly driver, the current location and health status of the driver will be communicated to the guardian via a cell phone alert message

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Transportation Company

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Enterprise-class Shuttle Service

SHUTTLECOCK handles all management points of the shuttle bus through the combined service of specialized technology and professional operation know-how.

Shared Shuttle Bus Service

Due to the lack of public transportation, many people have to put up with standing all the way to and from work in an overcrowded bus or subway train. You can solve this problem if you take advantage of the shared shuttle bus service at the individual level, along with small and medium-sized companies or apartment complexes. It can also be applied to shuttle buses connecting the airport and several hotels.

•  Check delayed and stopped service 

•  Write a daily report

•  Operate call centers

•  Service monitoring in real-time

•  Price competitiveness 

•  Customer-friendly corporate training 

•  Fare evasion prevention

•  Customer satisfaction evaluation

•  Cost reduction through effective route management

•  Hire friendly drivers

•  Provide regular training   programs (8 hours / year)

Operate Situation Rooms

Vehicle Management

Passengers management

Drivers management

Route management

Comfortable commuting

individual seats (all-seater bus)

customized route design

The shared shuttle service is a service that helps people with the same destination, like a carpool arrive at their destination comfortably and safely. Routes can be created when there are requests from the customers, such as an individual, schools, private educational institutes,  companies, hotels, or an airport.

Before Using the Service

After Using the Service


Chartered Bus Rental Service

BUSTAR is a new Online to Offline (O2O) chartered bus rental service using reverse auctions. This is not a service provider-oriented, but a buyer-oriented service. Therefore, customers can get better quality buses at a lower cost.

BUSTAR is a new Online to Offline (O2O) chartered bus rental service using reverse auctions. This is not a service provider-oriented, but a buyer-oriented service. Therefore, customers can get better quality buses at a lower cost.

 Features and advantages of BUSTAR 

 You can easily book your desired vehicle. 

Contract progress and bus location tracking services are provided.

 Ask an estimate 

 Choose the bus 

 Sign the contract  

 Receive notifications 


 Ciel’s services are made available easily to anyone, anywhere, anytime, on the web and apps!



CIEL Inc. is expanding into the world based on IoT technology specialized

in commercial vehicles. We never stop growing in order to make a better future.

Major Achievements


Management system of shuttle bus operation

to 16 Hyundai Motors fields supply contract

"KT GIGA IoT Vehicle" exclusive use of wireless company supply contract






Contracted with Nongshim Group company

to supply ‘HelloBUS' service

Contracted with Korea International School, Songdo Chadwick International School

to supply ‘HelloBUS' service


Management system of shuttle bus operation

to Subic shipyard in the Philippines supply contract

Developed “shuttle bus shared service platform”






Launched “helloBUS” LGU + IoT service


Selected as a pilot project management system for safety and security

- Ministry of Health and Welfare






Selected as K-Global 300 company of future creation science department

Released LGU+ BIZ dashboard camera kids alert service

Received investment from Samsung Venture Investment Co., Ltd.

Selected as an investment company from Korea Venture Investment Co., Ltd., Daegu Angel Investment Matching Fund



Established CIEL Inc.


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